FACT: Women are a part of history, are major players in the present, and are essential to our future. So let's shape it.


Be the Chair of the AUCC - by FRIDAY.

AU Club Council is currently looking for undergraduate or graduate students that want to serve as the chair for the 2012-2013 school year.
If you are interested please visit their website and download the application form. 
Applications will be accepted until THIS Friday, April 13th. Make sure to turn in a hard copy to the Student Activities office in MGC 271.
To those who want to serve as a vice-chair, please email aucc@american.edu for more details!

Join the 2012-2013 AU Student Government

The new Student Government Executive Board is now accepting applications for Cabinet Positions for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Why join Student Government?

SG is the only organization on campus that includes every undergraduate AU student as a member. Every student has a stake in the advocacy, programming and services SG provides. The best way for you to impact that work is to apply for a position now.

The open positions we are filling will play an important role in shaping the Student Government over the next year.

  • In the President’s Cabinet, you can focus on advocating on behalf of fellow students and making AU a better place for everyone.
  • In the Vice President’s Cabinet, you can focus on programming, planning the next year of exciting KPU speakers, SUB concerts, Founders’ Day Ball and campus activities.
  • In the Secretary’s Cabinet, you can put your communications, design, or IT skills to work to make Student Government more accessible to the rest of the student body.
  • In the Comptroller’s Cabinet, you can work with AUTO and Bike Lending or put your skills in finance, accounting, and number crunching to good use.

If one of the above areas piques your interest, click on the link for appropriate cabinet.

If not, we encourage you to visit outreach.ausg.org and view all of the available positions. All positions listed on the website will be filled this spring, but many more positions will be open for appointment in the Fall.

Even if you do not have prior experience in Student Government, your unique talents and skills could be invaluable to the organization. Applications will be accepted until April 18 at 5PM and interviews will take place on April 21 and 22.


When Will There Be More Women CEOs?

via DiversityInc:

Although women have made considerable progress since the start of the women’s-rights movement in 1867, the upper levels of most organizations still look overwhelmingly like a boys’ club. How can organizations start to close those gaps? What are the most effective best practices to recruit, retain, engage and promote women at your organization?

The exclusive DiversityInc Best Practices articles and webinars listed below feature data and best practices on current research and trends that benefit women in mentoring, talent development, employee-resource groups and diversity metrics. 

Where’s the Diversity in Fortune 500 CEOs?
There’s a dearth of Black, Latino, Asian and women CEOs running major companies—but the DiversityInc Top 50 companies have better stats.

Mentoring Roundtable: How Mentoring Improves Retention, Engagement & Promotions
In this roundtable, IBM reveals how its women’s resource group creates targeted mentoring programs to increase promotions of women.

How Kraft Increased Promotions of Women in Sales by 39%
One of 12 case-study examples: Kraft shares how to leverage employee-resource groups to increase representation of women, especially in senior management.

Increasing Diversity in Talent Development
Merck & Co.’s diversity leader recounts during this roundtable how its women’s resource group partnered with external educational programs to better develop its women talent for executive roles.

Resource Groups Webinar
How are resource groups helping MasterCard and Aetna improve employee retention, especially among women employees, to reach business goals?

Why Is Global Diversity So Difficult?
Our exclusive research from 17 countries explores how the norms around advancing women vary between European and Asian nations and what companies are doing to address issues of gender equity.

Diversity Metrics Webinar
How does your company fare with the representation of women in the workforce, especially at management levels? This webinar will teach you how to accurately track key metrics and set a diversity scorecard.

For more on gender equity and current women’s issues, read How ‘Slut’ and ‘Sweetie’ Challenge Gender Equity.


Apply to the Women & Politics Institute’s WeLEAD Program!

WeLEAD is a bipartisan leadership training program for women, between the ages of 21 and 27, who are interested in working in politics or running for office in the future. The program empowers young women, ignites their passions, and prepares them to succeed in politics and public service.

  • Program graduates are employed in the White House administration, congressional offices, campaign consulting firms, lobbying firms, and non-profit organizations.
  • Monthly workshops focus on campaigns and elections, political communication, fundraising, public policy, and professional development.
  • Evening events provide WeLEADers with opportunities to network with each other, previous program graduates, and prominent women in politics and public service.

Download an application today! Applications are due Monday, April 16th. Email Jennifer Lawless at welead@american.edu with any questions. 

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